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Here’s how to get Dell OpenManage running on Fedora 19. It is a simple process but I could not find any up to date information on how to do it elsewhere.

This Dell OpenManage wiki page is the primary source of information for running OMSA on Linux. Go there and run the script installer, or install the yum repo files and RPM signing keys manually.

yum repo

The installer will probably install the /etc/yum.repos.d/dell-omsa-repository.repo with URL’s such as:


Change the osname=f$releasevar param and force it to el6:


Next, run yum search srvadmin and you should see the list of OpenManage packages:

srvadmin-all.x86_64 : Meta package for installing all Server Administrator features, 7.3.0
srvadmin-argtable2.x86_64 : A library for parsing GNU style command line arguments, 7.3.0
srvadmin-base.x86_64 : Meta package for installing the Server Agent, 7.3.0
srvadmin-cm.i386 : OpenManage Inventory Collector, 7.3.0

Install the ones you need. For the basic CLI tools you can install srvadmin-omcommon and srvadmin-omacore.

canary file to force dataeng.service to start

It’s not obvious from the error output, unfortunately, but the cli tools omreport and omconfig will not work until the dataeng.service is started, but it will refuse to start when it detects Fedora - and “unsupported” platform.

Trick the startup scripts into attempting to start anyway by creating this file:

touch /opt/dell/srvadmin/lib64/openmanage/IGNORE_GENERATION

The presence of this file skips the checks performed in /opt/dell/srvadmin/sbin/CheckSystemType during dataeng startup.

test things

run sudo /opt/dell/srvadmin/bin/omreport chassis info, you should see:

Chassis Information

Index : 0
Chassis Name : Main System Chassis
Host Name :
iDRAC7 Version : 1.40.40 (Build 17)
Lifecycle Controller 2 Version :
Chassis Model : PowerEdge R720